Faith Based Security Application

Federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program
(CSNSGP) Application

Section I. Applicant Information

Section I. Applicant Information (continued)

Section II. Background

Section III. Risk

Risk is defined as the product of three principal variables: Threat, Vulnerability, and Consequences. In the space below, describe specific findings from previously conducted risk assessments, including A) Threats, B) Vulnerabilities, and C) Potential Consequences of an attack.

Section IV. Target Hardening

Target Hardening Equipment In this section, list all target hardening equipment being proposed. • Physical security enhancement equipment, including but not limited to reinforced doors and gates, and high-intensity lighting and alarms; • Inspection and screening Systems, and access control; • Any other security enhancement consistent with the purpose of the CSNSGP.

Section IV. Target Hardening (continued)

In this section, select Yes or No regarding applicable non-equipment related activities the
organization plans to expend with grant funds. Describe the activity and provide the cost
estimate related to physical security enhancements of the organization.

Construction or Renovation: Should be done in support of the target hardening activities
and is limited to only 15% of the total grant. (Equipment installation is not considered
construction or renovation).

Contracted Security Personnel: State the frequency/duration of guard service to be
contracted. Limited to 50% of the total Funding Requested in Section I.

NOTE: In regards to changes to scope of work, due to the competitive process, changes
to the scope of work may not be allowed without Cal OES prior written approval. Please
ensure the projects being proposed are well planned, as any funds that remain at the

end of the period of performance will be disencumbered.

TOTAL COSTS Cost (This amount must match Funding Requested on Page 1)

Section V. Milestones

Funding History

If the nonprofit organization has received NSGP and/or CSNSGP funding in the past, provide the funding source, funding amount, funding year, and the investment type.

Applicant Certification Information